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Bluetooth Locks (and an update on the X-09) - Michael Huebler (October 2019)
The file LockCon_2019_mh_Bluetooth_Locks_and_X-09_update.pdf holds the slides of a presentation, given by Michael Huebler at LockCon 2019, about hacking Bluetooth locks and an update on the KABA MAS X-09 lock.

Toool BlackBag (July 2006 ~ May 2014)
Former president of Toool, Barry Wels, has been writing interesting things about locks on his personal blog BlackBag from July 2006 until May 2014, after which Toool has taken over his blog. Watch out, because before you know it, you'll spend your whole day going through all the blog entries that were written!

Fichet F3D.png
The Fichet F3D High Security Lock Mechanism – An Inside View - Michael Huebler (October 2011)
Pdf icon.png The Fichet F3D High Security Lock Mechanism is a paper about a very interesting French lock with huge 3D-milled keys. The paper was first presented at LockCon #04 (October 2011, Sneek, NL).

Master Lock Padlock.png
The New Master Lock Combination Padlock v2.0 - Michael Huebler (July 2009)
Pdf icon.png The New Master Lock Combination Padlock V2.0 is a detailed technical analysis about a new and unique combination padlock from Master Lock, named "1500iDCOL ONE" in Europe and "1500iD Speed Dial" in the USA. And a visualizer application (File:MhVisualizer V2.0 p.swf) that will help you to understand the lock's mechanism even better. Both files have been updated for HAR2009 with some major enhancements and corrections. The topic is also being discussed on BlackBag and in a podcast.

The KABA MAS X-09 High Security Safe Lock - Michael Huebler (oktober 2008)
The file Pdf icon.png The KABA MAS X-09 High Security Safe Lock holds the slides of a presentation, given by Michael Huebler at LockCon 2008, about the KABA MAS X-09 lock. This is a high security safe lock with all kinds of interesting features.

Assa Twin Systems - Han Fey (April 2008)
  • In Pdf icon.png part one of this series:
    • Twin 6000 ! Twin 1 (systems Europe + USA): Introduced 1981 (100th anniversary)
    • Twin 6800 ! Twin Exclusive (upgraded Twin 6000): 6 pins + 5 side pins, introduced 2000
    • Twin 7000 ! Twin 2 ! Twin V10 ! Twin Global: 6 pins + 5 side pins, introduced 1996
    • Twin 6100 ! Twin Pro: 6 pins + 5 side pins, introduced 2003
    • Twin 8800 ! Twin Maximum: 6 pins + 5 side pins, introduced 2005
    • Twin 2800 => cheaper version of the Maximum. No hardened pins etc.

Drumm shield.png
Pdf icon.png The Drumm Geminy shield - Han Fey (July 2006)
About 15 years ago Klaus Drumm had the idea that the small surface in front of a cylinder was not big enough to provide for an effective Shield against differing modern burglar attacks. He wanted a solution for this. With this idea in mind, he came to the conclusion that a cylinder shield out of steel which could withstand several attacks could be the solution.

Cutaway locks - Han Fey (May 2005, September 2006)
One of the reasons why manufacturers produce so-called 'cutaway locks' is to show potential buyers and entry level locksmiths the inner workings of a lock and to show the security features. Some of the cutaways in my collection are factory cut, while some I made myself because I could not get a factory cutaway or because factory cutaways were never made available. The first part of this series is called Pdf icon.png Cutaway locks and deals with locks by various manufacturers. The second part deals exclusively with Pdf icon.png Pfaffenhain Cutaway Cylinders.

Pdf icon.png DOM ix Dimple key system - Han Fey (February 2005)
I have examined the locking systems of most European manufacturers including Kaba, ASSA, BKS, Wilka, Winkhaus, Mul-T-lock, etc. It has been interesting for me to witness the progression in these manufacturers evolving security features. I decided to write about the history of the German DOM ix system because this manufacturer came with one of the first reversible dimple key systems with a horizontal keyway.

Bumping Locks - Barry Wels and Rop Gonggrijp (January 2005)
Pdf icon.png Bumping Locks is a whitepaper about the bumping technique, that caused quite a stir and led to TOOOL testing Dutch locks for the Dutch consumer organisation 'Consumentenbond'. See their press release from 2006.

Abloy articles - Han Fey (2004~2006)