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Welcome to the Toool website

Toool is the The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers, a growing group of enthusiasts interested in locks, keys and ways of opening locks without keys. On this site you will find information about us getting together to practice our skills, about the conventions and championships we organize and lots and lots of information about our hobby.

Toool is the oldest lockpicking sports club in the world after the German SSD e.V.

This website is in English because most of the information on it is in English and because we found that the majority of our (web) visitors is not from the Netherlands.


LockCon 2017 was a blast! What a wonderful group of people, great talks and workshops and thrilling contests. The talk given by Tim Jenkin was very memorable. In fact, there were plenty of great talks!

We are currently busy starting up the Toool NL competition for 2018.


Toool was founded in 2002 in Amsterdam as a successor to the first Dutch lockpicking group founded in 1997. In 2006, a local chapter in Eindhoven was founded and in 2015 one in Groningen. They all have regular meetings (once every other week). Members of Toool are welcome in all three cities. People from abroad are welcome too to become a member. For Germany, see the pages of the Sportfreunde der Sperrtechnik.

The USA has a Toool US that was founded in 2005.

In the UK, a Toool UK was founded in 2014.

In Belgium, a Toool BE was founded in 2015. The current status is unknown.

In Norway, a Toool NO will be founded soon.

In Australia, Toool AU will be founded soon.

All these groups are separate legal entities, but they have strong bonds with Toool NL.

Upcoming gatherings

You cannot visit them without advance notification. Please see the gatherings-page for more information.

As seen on BBC2

On October 25, 2013, an item in the television series QI was devoted to TOOOL. See the BBC website and the QI website for more information.