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The Open Organisation of Lockpickers (Toool) is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 34185673.

Its board members are Walter Belgers (president), Jos Weyers (secretary) and Tom Geelen (treasurer).


At Toool we prefer to communicate via e-mail. Please mail us at if you have questions about our hobby, the meetings, technical issues, media inquiries, presentations or what else is on your mind. Please note: we are Toool Netherlands. If you have questions about Toool US or their shop (we do not have a shop), please contact Toool US and not us.

It you would like to attend a gathering, please submit your motivation and a bit of your background via e-mail to either or, depending on which gathering you would like to attend.

Bank account

Rabobank Eindhoven/Veldhoven
IBAN NL96RABO0108065251