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What is LockCon?
LockCon is an international conference about ... locks. Although we are modest people (ahum), LockCon is hosting some pretty innovative and unique presentations. (And we would like to hear from you if you have an interesting lecture you want to give). Besides these high quality presentations, there will be championships in lockpicking, impressioning and possibly (if time allows) safe combo-lock manipulation. One important issue about LockCon is that it is a place where creative energy flows and you can make friends for life (and an occasional enemy). It is the place where top lockpickers meet one another, and contacts are made between lockpickers and the lock industry. In other words: it is a unique event. To give you an idea read here about previous events.
When will LockCon be held in 2014?
Friday, September 19 until Sunday, September 21, 2014.
Where will LockCon be held?
The location for the 2014 event is the StayOkay youth hostel in Sneek (Friesland) in the Netherlands (youtube video). This has been the home for many years now for LockCon and is a perfect location for an event like this.
Who will attend LockCon?
A lot of interesting people. There will be lockpickers, safe technicians, locksmiths, 24-hour opening services, lock manufacturers, lock tool manufacturers, hackers, members of the law enforcement community, spies and an occasional beautiful girl. LockCon is the most international conference on locks. We have people attending from Germany, USA, UK, Spain, Israel, France, The Netherlands ... and the list is growing.
How Much is the entrance fee for LockCon?
We try to keep everything as cheap as possible, and are proud to be able to offer a unique 'full event' price of €200 for three days/two nights. This price includes three dinners, two breakfasts, two lunches and two overnights in the hostel. This fee also includes drinks, beer, wine etc and a basic supply of snacks. For an additional fee, an extra night before and/or after can be booked. There are no day tickets.
Wow, where do I sign in?
Not so fast. LockCon is an 'invitation only' party for the locksport community. It is open for members of SSDeV, Toool.US, and Toool.nl, but we reserve the right to deny people even if they are member of these organisations. If you are a member of another well respected locksport organisation there is a good chance you are welcome as well. If you are none of the above, you will need to find someone to introduce you and hope there is place left. We have set the maximum number of attendees to one hundred.
For this event we have reserved ten to fifteen seats for people we never met before, and there are still some seats left. If you think you have something to contribute, or just are a very enthusiastic lockpicker who does not have the right connections yet, please mail us anyway. We are open to interesting people and might be able to work something out. Just give it a try, you might get lucky :)
Where do I get practical information?
See the wiki.

Mail <to be announced> to register or for more information.